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Digital Inclusion in Brazil:


The Brazil Beehive 

OGE held a stakeholders engagement in Sao Paolo in 2011 to design  The Brazil Beehive and launched it publicly in April of 2012. The website, which is localized for Sao Paolo and written in Portuguese, is attracting a steadily rising number of users for its critical content around how to improve success with agriculture, job searching, health, education, and money management.

Digital Literacy Training- Community Connectors 

OGE has also trained Cisco Networking Academy staff in Brazil on the Leadership. ICT, and Soft Skills modules of its Community Connectors Curriculum, which is offered in Portuguese. OGE is interested in growing the reach of this program through offering this program to additional Brazilian trainers and teachers.

Platforms for Increasing Local Nonprofits’ Digital Capacity

OGE has also set in place individualized and editable local online portals, called MyCKC.org, and trained local staff on their maintenance, to strengthen the digital capacity and reach of more than a dozen local nonprofit computer centers, including those offered by  Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN) and Oxigenio.

Internet Safety Capacity Building  

OGE now offers Internet Safety training workshops and online information to low-income Sao Paolo residents through partner computer centers with the support of  Symantec volunteers.


OGE’s digital inclusion work in Brazil is funded by Cisco and Symantec.