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Haiti Digital Inclusion Program

Through the Haiti Digital Inclusion Program, One Global Economy (OGE) and its local partners have created an information-based, community development ecosystem that provides Haitians with online content and tools designed to equip them with the skills necessary to improve their quality of life. The program addresses livelihood issues, capacity-building, digital literacy, and economic development with information technology as the principle means of delivery.

In the spring of 2012, One Global Economy launched EnfoFasil, a community portal that offers Haitians access to global best practice information and highly localized content in Haitian Creole and French on health, jobs, education and agriculture. It addresses local community development priorities, allowing Haitians to meet basic human needs such as finding food relief, getting access to and improving shelter, finding cash for work programs, and accessing clean water to avoid water-borne diseases.

Developed in partnership with Haitian editors and partners, EnfoFasil helps Haitians improve their quality of life and economic livelihoods. It provides, among others, content on local micro-finance services, best agricultural practices for raising and trading crops, and how to select appropriate primary and secondary schools for their children.

By working in close collaboration with Haitian community development organizations and local technology centers, the program has built capacity in digital literacy, entrepreneurship and business planning through trainings. OGE developed formal partnerships with the Peasants Association of Fondwa, The University of Fondwa, The Haitian Connection Network, Fokal, Fondation Etre Ayisyen, and World Vision Haiti Connected Schools (which includes the Haitian Ministry of Education).

In February of 2012, OGE delivered training in Haitian Creole to more than 30 community technology center managers in business management and digital literacy. The purpose of the training is to improve their effectiveness as access points for community resources in rural and under-served areas, bringing to Haiti the Community Knowledge Center model that OGE helped develop with Cisco, which was originally launched in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the Haiti Digital Inclusion Program, OGE offered a 3-day Center managers training with a curriculum that focuses on three key areas:  Community Service, Management & Sustainability as well as ICT skills & Media Platforms. Participants learn to conduct Asset Mapping to assess issues in their communities and to develop demand-driven programs.  They also learn how to develop a work plan around implementing relevant programs and services, build a budget and create an effective media campaign to attract users to their centers. All managers learn simple IT maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, in order to be able to leverage OGE media platforms.

In August, 2012, OGE trained 17 of the teachers from the local partner organizations and several Cisco Networking Academies representatives in OGE’s Community Connectors curriculum, a digital literacy training program that teaches young people how to apply digital and mobile tools to become actively involved in community development initiatives, leaders in their communities and technology ambassadors for their peers and families.  OGE plans to implement its Community Connectors program at approximately 20 World Vision Haiti Connected schools in rural and under-served areas of the Central Plateau and Cap-Haitien.  The curriculum is available online in Haitian Creole here.

Local partners and center managers have received tranings and platforms that allow them to create and manage their own community-based portals, (called MyCKC sites).   OGE trained the center managers in content development, website maintenance as well as marketing. These dynamic platforms offer community technology centers, libraries, and other nonprofits a unique online space, in which they can attract new users and market their training programs as well as foster the flow of vital community-generated information sharing and opportunity identification.

The Haiti Digital Inclusion Program is supported by Cisco and the Haitian Fund for Innovation.