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The Jordan Beehive was One Global Economy’s first non-English language site, and its second project overall.  The project was funded by Intel, and OGE worked closely with the e-villages of Mlieh and Libb to tailor the Beehive to the needs of their communities.  The project posed many challenges for OGE since the site also had to be laid out in a right-to-left fashion to accommodate the Arabic language.  The site launched in 2007 and has been OGEs most visited site overall.  To date, the Jordan Beehive has reached over 2 million users from all across the Arab world and it continues to draw thousands of new users every day.

The Jordan Beehive provides information in Arabic about different subjects of interest to the local communities in Jordan such as finding health care, parenting, searching for jobs, starting a business, and utilizing educational resources.

Users are encouraged on the site to submit their own material as well via surveys and comments. The initial surveys have tackled important subjects such as Tawjeehi exam, motherhood and pregnancy, and jobs.  Thousands of users have already shared their views.

The Jordan Beehive is available at http://jordan.thebeehive.org