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In May 2007, One Global Economy, in collaboration with Cisco Systems, began work on a national Beehive website for Turkey and a local Beehive website for the city of Istanbul.

One Economy partnered with a number of non-governmental organizations that work on the national and local levels on different issues such as education, health, women’s empowerment, and entrepreneurship. These NGOs provided valuable content for the Beehive. Turkey- and Istanbul-specific content has been integrated with the global best practice content previously created for other Beehives. Turkey- and Istanbul-specific information includes the Turkish Social Security system, nationwide and local health services, the Turkish education system, national exams, financial educational support systems, e-applications and procedures for official documents and information, and information about national and local governance.

The Turkey Beehive (http://turkey.thebeehive.org) was successfully launched in September 2007 and the Istanbul Beehive (http://istanbul.thebeehive.org/) launched a month later with a press conference organized by Cisco Systems and the Istanbul Municipality. The Istanbul Municipality’s aim is to establish Internet centers in all parts of the city, but especially in the low-income neighborhoods. The centers are open to all residents and offer free Internet access and the the opportunity to improve their computer and Internet skills through classes. The program started with 50 internet centers throughout the city at the end of 2007 and 250 more opened to the community by the end of 2008. The Istanbul Beehive will be the home page in all of these centers and will serve thousands of the citizens of Istanbul who strive to improve their lives.

One Global Economy is also creating a local Beehive website for the city of Yalova, located to the south of Istanbul, providing specific local information on health services, schools, after-school facilities, local busineses, the local government and governmental services, and services provided by non-governmental organizations for Yalova citizens.

Istanbul Municipality
Yalova Municipality
Foundation of Volunteers for Education
Foundation for the Education of Mother and Child
Sema Hospital
Marmara Employees Federation
Ideal Career
Development Platform
Working Women’s Association
Young Entrepreneurs’ Club
YENIDEN Health and Education Society
Human Resources Development Foundation
Women Entrepreneurs’ Association

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