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A Business Owner In Durban Grows her Business

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Access to culturally relevant online resources in multiple languages can mean the difference between poverty and economic prosperity for underserved communities throughout Africa and all over the world. In South Africa , Durban faces a crippling economic recession. Rita, a mother of two daughters  with an idea fora tourism business enrolled in computer classes at One Global Economy’s Durban-based Community Knowledge Center, funded by Cisco, in Durban. Though she had no knowledge of computers or the means to purchase one, by the end of the course she had created a business plan and has successfully grown her tour company, managed bank accounts with digital databases and through online banking,  and increased profits.

She continues to use the Durban computer center for day to day operation of her business including online networking with other business people. “I and numerous members of my community are extremely grateful and thankful and hope that One Global Economy continues to help this community . There is  a high unemployment rate and this center and its programs allow the youth and the unemployed access to jobs.”

One Global Economy also provides business planning information for entrepreneurs in 17 languages around the world on its Entrepreneurs Center, featured on every international Beehive website.   For more information about OGE’s training and support programs for entrepreneurs, please visit our entrepreneurship focus area page  and our programs in Egypt and South Africa.