What We Do : Focus Areas


Digital Inclusion Mapping and Surveying

One Global Economy’s experience leading stakeholder engagement sessions and community outreach surveys made it a natural lead implementer for the Broadband Mapping program in the South Pacific. The Broadband Mapping program includes over $3 million in grants to One Global Economy as part of a consortium from the federal government under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.

OGE is working with the territory governments of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, and American Samoa. The program uses one-on-one interviews, community surveys, town halls and mapping of available broadband access to identify the barriers people face to Internet adoption and to devise strategies to increase access and usage of broadband.

As a result of this community outreach, community leaders will have much greater knowledge of how to serve their constituents and will have concrete data to point to in applications for additional federal funding of digital inclusion projects.