What We Do : Focus Areas


Organizational Development

OGE offers the following services for non-profit organizations

1) Comprehensive Community Planning:

This workshop introduces participants to Community-Based Planning, its rationale, and methodologies.  The workshop includes an overview of planning as a general discipline, as well as an outline of the basic issues that community planning seeks to address.  The workshop also covers:  Prerequisites for neighborhood planning;  Guidelines for designing a participatory planning process;  Steps to articulate a community-driven plan;  Base-line data for community planning;  Analytical tools for planning, and, Gearing the plan for implementation:

2) Mobilizing Individual and Community Assets:

This workshop introduces participants to Asset Mapping & Asset Building as an approach to community revitalization.  The workshop includes an overview of asset building and the issues it is intended to address.  Participants learn about ways to deploy asset building methodologies, the appropriateness of asset-building approaches to various communities, and the challenges of formulating asset-building strategies.  The workshop also covers:  Prerequisites for a Successful Asset Building Initiative; Mapping and Evaluating Assets; from Asset-Mapping to Asset-Building – Developing an Action Agenda; and, an Asset -Building “Tool Kit”

3) Strategic & Business planning for NGOs:

The workshop covers the essential ingredients of a healthy, sustainable NGO, including the articulation of an organizational ‘Mission Statement’, setting goals and objectives, and translating goals into strategies.  In addition, the course addresses the critical issues of developing an implementation framework for the NGO’s strategies, identifying and designing projects, and writing proposals for funding.