What We Do : Focus Areas


Program Evaluation

Thanks to a generous grant from the Symantec Corporation, One Global Economy was able to build it’s own capacity to monitor and evaluate its programs and to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of its recent programs in Egypt, India, South Africa, and Mexico.

OGE examined its programs’ components to figure out how best to evaluate how each aspect of each program helped OGE achieve its mission of improving the lives of low-income people through improved access to locally relevant online services and information.

OGE worked with its partners in each of the countries to craft a locally-relevant survey to measure the utility and quantitative effects of its programs. The survey was administered in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Spanish and was completed by over 4,000 individuals. Additionally, OGE looked at detailed web traffic numbers from its Beehives as well as feedback from community partner organizations via regular reporting tools.

This program has given OGE a rich set of data and a better understanding of which aspects of its programs work the best. Further, this program provided OGE in-depth knowledge about the process of program evaluation and monitoring. So, as part of the program, OGE created a toolkit to help any NGO  and implement an evaluation of their own.