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Moustafa Mourad


Moustafa Mourad is the President of One Global Economy, which he founded as the international arm of One Economy in 2005. Under Mr. Mourad’s leadership, One Global Economy helps provide technology training and relevant content in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and 3 overseas US Territories. In 2010, Mourad served as Interim President of One Economy during a period of great expansion in the organization. Previously, he was the principal of Mourad, Warnke & Associates, an international community development consulting firm with projects in Oman, South Africa and Honduras among others. Mourad was also the Director of Planning, Design, and Development at the Enterprise Foundation, the second largest national community development intermediary in the United States. Prior to his tenure at Enterprise, Mr. Mourad held positions as Senior Planner with the City of Boston, and City Planner for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He also consulted for USAID, the Ford Foundation as well as the governments of Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Sudan on a number of development issues ranging from affordable housing policies to economic development and employment.

You can reach Moustafa by email at MMourad@OneGlobalEconomy.org.  Moustafa is based in Washington, DC.